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The Bereavement Support Group consists of three members and Fr Jerald.
The purpose of this group is to offer comfort and support to bereaved families living in the parish.
This might involve:
Visiting the bereaved Family.
Assisting with the funeral liturgy, if required.
Assisting at post-funeral wake/reception, if required.
Offering a decorative candle to the bereaved family.
Planning and celebrating an annual Remembrance Mass in November.  
The committee members participate in fulfilling the requirements of our mission and the tasks are shared by members of the committee.  At the start of our ministry, we designed and printed personalised sympathy cards which are sent to the bereaved family at the time of their bereavement and on the first anniversary.   
A visit is paid to the bereaved family some time after the funeral to offer the
family a decorative candle in memory of the lost loved one.
All members are involved in the planning of the liturgy and music for the
annual Remembrance Mass held each November. At this Mass the congregation may bring a photo of their loved one to place at the front of the church, and also light a candle in memory of their loved one.
If you would like assistance from the Bereavement group, please do not
hesitate to contact Emmy Oakley on 9848 6781 or Glenda Haswell on
0413 315 032.
Remembrance Mass