Fr Tony Hally (1989 – 2003)

Appropriately regarded as the founding father of Our Lady of The Pines parish,  Fr Tony took up his appointment as parish priest at Donvale in 1989.  This followed his role as parish priest for nine years at Ss Peter and Paul, located nearby in Doncaster East, from where Fr Tony administered Our lady of The Pines parish, and school, in its’ developmental days.

Parents at the school were very active in supporting Fr Tony. Establishing amongst others, children’s liturgy, The Family Group Movement, a fund raising committee, a Parish Pastoral Council, a Parish Formation Committee, a Parish Building committee and a St Vincent de Paul Conference. 

The church building was opened in June 1990, blessed by Archbishop Frank Little.

However, during its initial stages of planning Fr Tony was adamant and held a very strong view that the traditional church type building was unnecessarily expensive and out of date for the traditional “used once a week for Mass” purpose. He saw this as a moral issue whereby funding for the vulnerable and the needy should have priority over an infrequently used church.

And so, what was expected to be a traditional church, became a multi purpose building.  

Fr Tony’s foresight has proven to be invaluable to parishioners and the school alike.  The building is well used for a variety of purposes that support the needs of the parish. As well as sunday Masses, there are masses on some week days, generous use by the school for a variety of activities, fund raising activities and parish activities.  It’s a great success story. 

Fr Tony left the parish in May 2003 to become parish priest of St Ambrose Woodend.  Sadly he passed away May 9th of   2011.

RIP Fr Tony.


Fr John Derbyshire (2003 – 2004)

Fr John, a late vocation, was with us for only twelve months.  In that time he established the memorial rose garden situated at the front of the multipurpose worship centre.  It was and continues to be a source of comfort and beauty to the parish and visitors.

He had two little dogs that were a great comfort to him.  He left Our Lady of The Pines to go back to his ordination parish of Lismore.


Fr Greg Reynolds (2004 – 2009)

Prior to joining Our Lady of The Pines Fr Greg lived as a hermit contemplative for about 12 years, mostly in the Yarra Valley, and other parts of Victoria.

Prior to that his ministry as an ordained priest was with the Catholic school for the hearing impaired as its’ chaplain.  

Fr Greg ‘s appointment to Our Lady of the Pines was his first as a Parish Priest.  Immediately prior he had worked as a priest for twelve months in Hampton Park Parish.

He was well noted for his progressive homilies and views on interpretation of scripture and gospel.  

During his time at the parish he became well known to the school children while they were playing during lunch break and other recesses.  Fr Greg formed a close relationship with the school that further brought the school and parish closer together, to the benefit of both.

This attitude was typical of Fr Greg’s attitude and responsiveness to pastoral care and people.  He was always available for the most serious of matters requiring his attention, as he was for matters not so serious.

Fr Greg was active in the Deanery and the Manningham Interfaith Network. He had strong views on ecumenism.

He also oversaw construction of the PEACE Centre, the government initiative that followed the GFC.

He left Our Lady of the Pines to take up as Parish Priest at Westernport.

Fr Jude D’Rosario (2009 – 2014)

Fr Jude is a Pallotine priest having come to Our Lady of the Pines from Perth where he had worked in parish life for some years. Previously he was an ordained priest in his home state of Kerala in Southern India.

Fr Jude was always approachable whenever he was needed to provide pastoral care to parishioners.  At the same time he was a very practical pragmatic parish priest who took an interest in matters of parish life generally.

He rose each day at 5.00am for personal contemplation and reflection.  He enjoyed gardening and devoted time in the early hours to maintaining it.  In 2014 he returned to Perth.


Fr Jerald Cecil (2014 – 2023)

Fr Jerald was ordained in Tamil Nadu, India.  He worked there for some years as a priest and then came to Melbourne to minister in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

At the time Fr Jerald joined us he was appointed as administrator.  Subsequently, due to diminishing numbers in both Our Lady of The Pines and Ss Peter and Paul, the two parishes, although operating separately have become joined, administered by one parish priest.  

Fr Jerald has taken that appointment.

Both parishes enjoy the ministry of Fr Jerald.  His ministry is all encompassing in that he is strong pastorally, has a wonderful relationship with both schools and the school children, and gives time to the general care and maintenance of all establishments in his care.
He encourages social justice and care for the poor and vulnerable.  His homilies while reflecting the values of gospel as written are presented to also reflect those values in the joys and difficulties of contemporary life.
Fr Toan Nguyen (2023 –