The Parish Pastoral Council comprises a group of parishioners whose role is to provide advice and support to the Parish Priest and to share in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the parish community.
The Parish Pastoral Council also assists Father Jerald in discerning the pastoral needs of the parish and setting direction for the parish for both long-term and day-to-day issues.
The current members of the OLOP Parish Pastoral Council are:
Fr Toan Nguyen
Peter Given (Chairman)
Rita Latimour
Brendan Keeling (School Principal)
Garry McBride
Joan McDonald
Garry Nolan
Bob O’Halloran
David Sowersby
Vanessa White
Arthur Williams
If you would like to speak to any of the above members, they can be contacted through the parish office on 0473 873 479.   
To find out the latest update from our recent Council meeting in May 2023 click here May 2023 – Council Update